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Hello, we are one of the largest R&D institutes in Brazil and, with a growing team of SiDiers, we are already in Campinas, Manaus and Recife, the largest technological and innovation parks in Brazil. Because, those who want to create projects that will transform the world, cannot stop transforming itself. In almost 20 years of history, we specialize in solving problems and we bring in our luggage more than 1,000 projects that impact the lives of millions of people, bringing innovation and making the future happen now.

Our purpose

We reinforce our commitment to technology and the search for innovation. Creativity is part of our culture and thus, we create tailored solutions to customer problems. We are ready to generate results that impact.


More than a team, we are SiDiers

To encounter unusually difficult solutions, it is necessary to brand diverse knowledge, background and experience. And there are more than 600 employees contributing, not only with technical knowledge, but with their life stories, which, when added together, result in a uniquely creative potential in searching for innovative solutions.

Our values




Unidade Campinas

Unidade Campinas

Rua Aguaçu, 171 | Ed. Jacarandá

+55 19 3344.4500

Unidade Recife

Unidade Recife

Av. Cais do Apolo, 222, 1º Andar

+55 81 3419.8142

SiDi Manaus - Shopping Ponta Negra


Av. Coronel Teixeira, 5705 | Shopping Ponta Negra - Piso L3

+55 92 99229.4210

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