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We already live the future

Our SiDiers innovate the present by developing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.
Samsung Gallery

Versão desktop da solução de Galeria da Samsung, onde você pode exibir as fotos e os vídeos capturados pelo seu smartphone, baixar todo o conteúdo para fins de backup e também gerenciar o conteúdo de pastas locais. Também é possível editar fotos com recursos como ajuste automático, corte ou rotação.

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Samsung Studio Plus

Versão desktop da solução que permite criar e editar vídeos com rapidez e facilidade. Tudo de uma forma simples e intuitiva de usar.

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How do we transform the future?

To transform your company's future, we develop software solutions using the best of each technology.

Artificial Intelligence

More than performing tasks, think of AI as a transformation agent capable of bringing mobility, independence and facilities to those in need.

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Cloud Computing

Physical boundaries have disappeared and their services now reach employees, customers and partners anywhere, quickly and safely.

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There is no “real or virtual” when it comes to security. So, when the privacy and availability of your services are at stake, you can't go wrong.

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PC Solutions

Supercomputers have taken traditional computing to new heights, allowing the development of even more daring solutions.

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