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SiDi é credenciado pela ANP

  • 17/09/2020
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SiDi é credenciado pela ANP

The SiDi transformation movement, which involves expanding its operations to new markets, reached yet another important milestone: the accreditation of the institute with the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). With this endorsement, SiDi is able to develop projects and provide advanced technology solutions for the oil and gas sector.

“This is an industry that has made major investments in technology and that SiDi can help to further evolve, with its knowledge and experience in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and cyber security, among others,” says John Yi, superintendent of the institute. “Accreditation by ANP shows that we have a qualified team and adequate infrastructure for the development of projects in this segment”, he adds.

In addition to enabling SiDi to participate in calls for projects financed by sector development funds, accreditation places the institute on the list of organizations capable of providing technological solutions for oil and gas companies. The focus is on four pillars on which SiDi has strong competence: intelligent interfaces, which includes natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision; cloud computing and Big Data for handling large volumes of data; Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity – a critical area in this sector.



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