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Change people's lives is our job. Thanks to bright people recognized for their expertise who are part of our team, we deliver solutions, Cloud-based platforms and security services


Solutions Development

Far beyond writing simple code lines, we work together with our partners to develop complete solutions. From complex services based on Cloud to solutions to be embedded in different devices, we help you in developing a series of solutions according to the latest market technological trends and innovations that only SiDiers can do. We are a team with different specialties, ready to fulfill your needs and solve your problem.

Cloud Services

In order to provide our customers with all benefits of technology based on Cloud, we combine the right solution with what you need. We are ready to plan, implement and operate Cloud solutions so that you can make your services available in an easier and faster way and outstanding performance.

Cyber Security

The relentless increase of interconnection among systems, electronic devices, and services require a serious job to ensure security of solutions, integrity and confidentiality of information and systems. We embrace this great challenge of IT world and reduce the exposure to vulnerabilities found in various systems, devices and in solutions hosted in the Cloud. Therefore, we help in developing solutions with suitable protection and improving existing systems.

Acessibility Guide

We developed a guide to provide guidance to programmers, UX/UI designers, and testers to develop mobile applications that are more accessible and inclusive for persons with visual limitations.



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