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Cyber Security

When privacy and service availability are at stake, you can't go wrong.

With more than 10 years of tradition, we think about Secure Development from the first minute of your solution. We have the knowledge and tools to help your business and ensure the protection of your data and your customers.

Our Services

Maturity Analysis

We analyze your company preparedness level, considering technological, human and procedural aspects. With this, we point out and provide recommendations for possible improvements through a complete report on their degree of maturity in each aspect analyzed.

Vulnerability Analysis

We scan your applications and networks for vulnerabilities and provide a benchmark for previously corrected vulnerability validation. All of this in an automated way and providing personalized insights into the reality of your business.

Embedded Software Security Audit

We operate at every stage of the development cycle, providing tailored consulting that can precisely meet your needs, emulating specific threat models for embedded systems, and utilizing the appropriate set of techniques for your product maturity, conceptual design to the productive phase.


We have customized plans to simulate social engineering attacks against employees of your company. Then, optionally, we present a personalized agenda of gamified awareness lectures addressing key issues in establishing a security mindset.

Secure Development

Software projects where security and privacy are essential requirements. We developed your product with cybersecurity experts as part of the development team, following a mature Secure Software Development Life Cycle process (SSDLC).

Consulting for Secure Software Development

Experts on creating cyber attack resilient solutions, including specifying appropriate security and privacy requirements for your product, identifying appropriate threat models, and defining architecture and design to the highest security and suitability standards applicable regulations.


We offer custom plans to test your attack surface, simulating a real attack against your company. We identify vulnerabilities, develop plausible methods to exploit them, and provide a complete report of the findings and their suggestions for remediation.

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Publicado em 20 Sep 2019

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