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SiDi tem novo superintendente

  • 17/09/2020
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SiDi tem novo superintendente

John Yi has just assumed the position previously occupied by Antônio Seol – who retired.

Born in Korea, where he received a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, John Yi started his career as an engineer 26 years ago. He managed Samsung’s research and development centers abroad and was recently the company’s leading global research and development strategist.

John Yi worked in Brazil just over 15 years ago. Now he returns to the country, in the position of superintendent of SiDi, an institution that helped take the first steps. Last year, SiDi gained a new visual identity and diversified its areas of operation, seeking new markets in addition to telecommunications. “It’s time to usher in a new era to make SiDi more prosperous and stronger,” says John Yi.



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