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SiDi opens unit in Manaus and new vacancies for technology professionals

  • 14/12/2021
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SiDi, one of the largest science and technology institutes in the country, announces the inauguration of its new unit, recently accredited by Suframa in the context of the Informatics Law: SiDi Manaus, which will meet the needs of research, development and technological innovation of companies operating in the Western Amazon (Amazonas, Acre, Roraima and Rondônia) and Amapá. It is the third unit of the institute, which will start the year 2022 hiring new professionals to form project teams – there are more than 50 vacancies open in this first phase.

“In search of improving their products and solutions, companies from different sectors of the economy located in the Amazon region demand intelligent and innovative solutions. And SiDi works primarily in projects that involve technological challenges in the areas of cyber security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision and the Internet of Things (IoT)”, says Carlos Henrique Fonseca, executive manager of the new unit. “We inaugurated this unit aiming to meet the needs of our customers and partners in the Information Technology industry, but already thinking about, in the future, meeting the demands of other centers in the region, such as telecommunications, electrical and two-wheel sectors”, he adds.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Fonseca has lived in Manaus since 1982, where he graduated in Electrical Engineering (from the Federal University of Amazonas) and accumulated vast experience in leading and executing technological research and development projects, as well as managing development teams new products and industrial automation systems. As the main executive of SiDi Manaus, his expectation is to consolidate the new unit – which had its accreditation by the Committee for Research and Development Activities in the Amazon (CAPDA) approved in November – as a center of excellence in its areas of competence. “For this, we count on building solid partnerships with institutions that make up the Amazon innovation ecosystem, promoting the complete cycle of innovation, which goes from research, scientific production, development of projects and local skills in emerging technologies to the application of these solutions in the market”, emphasizes Fonseca.

John Yi, superintendent of SiDi, recalls that the inauguration of the new unit takes place a year after the announcement of the opening of the unit in Recife – precisely in Porto Digital – to start expanding the institute outside the state of São Paulo. “Expansion to other regions of the country is part of SiDi’s growth strategy”, emphasizes John Yi. “The intention is to apply SiDi’s knowledge and experience in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, computer vision and cyber security to bring innovative solutions to companies in various sectors, in different parts of the country”, he concludes.



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