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Air Command

The Air command feature allows you to quickly access various functions and features by pressing the S Pen button while hovering the S Pen over the screen.


PENUP is a social media network that uses images created by users to communicate. Enjoy a variety of content created with the Pen through PENUP. You can share your daily life and thoughts through drawings with friends from all over the world.

Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper provides high-quality wallpapers from various categories to suit your personal taste.

Live Message

With Live Message, you can create GIF files or MP4 files that show your handwritten text or drawings created using the Pen.

Link Sharing

You can easily send large files, high-resolution photos, videos, documents, etc. saved on your PC to your family and friends using links.

Samsung Gallery

You can check photos taken by your phone on your PC right away. You can also edit images on the Galaxy Book’s large screen.

Samsung Studio Plus

Create and edit videos quickly and easily with Samsung Studio Plus. It is easy to use and intuitive.


Para dentro, uma ferramenta que soluciona até 80% das dúvidas de primeiro nível sobre as áreas de Recursos Humanos e Administrativa. Para fora, uma ferramenta de recrutamento em que candidatos podem rapidamente se inscreverem para os processos seletivos do instituto.

Samsung Pay

An easy and secure way to pay by credit, debit or benefits card, via your Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Watch.


Bixby saves time so you can focus on what matters most. It remembers what you love to do and works with your favorite apps and services to help you do more.


With reduced service time, insights generation and predictive analysis that minimize peak periods and increase customer satisfaction, the platform digitally transforms technical assistances.


The solution enables the distance training of its technicians, faithfully representing the existing resources in the substations such as equipment release and normalization maneuvers and restoration after failures or blackouts.

Family Hub

Home is where the Hub is. From meal planning to photo sharing — and everything in between — the Family Hub™ refrigerator keeps you in sync with the moments that matter.

Samsung Knox

We use our smartphones to keep in touch, take photos, shop, bank transactions, access business information and more. That way, the more we use it, the more sensitive data they end up storing. What would happen if your phone fell into the wrong hands? Samsung created Knox to address these issues, so you can worry about more important things.

Samsung Kids

Samsung Kids lets you shape a safe environment for your child to happily explore and connect with the world. With family-friendly activities to both entertain and encourage them to learn, develop and flourish, Samsung Kids helps your child safely enjoy the digital realm.


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