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In our view, technology is a tool to reach people through people. This is why we work developing projects and providing personal development to each employee working with us.
We recognize and invest in everybody's potential, through our creative and innovative spirit, we change the daily life of millions of people.
All this makes SiDi the right company for you who love technology and want to change the world with us.

I started working at SiDi as an intern, they all welcomed me and contributed to my professional and personal growth. Today, as an effective employee, I'm very pleased in being part of a company that focuses on people.

Bruno Ribeiro - Software Development

Here I can work with solutions that impact the lives of thousands of people and at the same time I'm always researching, learning and developing new ideas. Here I know that what I do make a difference.

Daniele Zandoná - UI/UX

I arrived in 2012 and over the years I have developed both in my personal and my professional life. It is undeniable that my experience is very positive and keeps me motivated to carry out my activities.

Grazielle Bastos - Planning Analyst


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